Freddie Hits the Road: TGX ITC Major Experience

Hey guys.

Last weekend I attended TGX in Toronto, which turned out to be the city’s first major ever, and was run by the esteemed Val Heffelfinger. Off the top, I had a fantastic time but didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped I might.

With 6 games over 2 days every one of them ended up being fun, and the tables were great with enough terrain on just about all of them. It started late on Saturday, but didn’t seem like anyone really minded and nothing ever goes 100% smooth.

Several of the tables had Mechanicus style tables with a lot of buildings that don’t block line of sight at all, but the TO told everyone to run them as if they had walls all the way around the footprint of the walkways on the bottom floor so there were places to hide.

My List

I changed my list after the Basement Open in Sudbury. I’d been out of the hobby for about a year and they said all tournaments had tables like theirs, which were sparse, so I brought a Land Raider Crusader to hide some stuff in if there wasn’t enough terrain, but all the boards were pretty crowded so this ended up being a pretty horrible mistake in most of my games, and with everyone built to be able to kill knights quickly it ended up just giving up kills more often than not. That’s not to say it didn’t do anything, but it definitely didn’t do as much as I would have liked.

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium – Grey Knights) [42 PL, 629pts] ++

+ HQ [21 PL, 314pts] +
Brother-Captain [9 PL, 134pts]: 4: First to the Fray, Hammerhand, Nemesis Daemon Hammer [13pts], Psycannon [11pts], Warlord
Lord Kaldor Draigo [12 PL, 180pts]: Hammerhand, Sanctuary

+ Troops [21 PL, 315pts] +
Strike Squad [7 PL, 105pts]: Gate of Infinity. 4x Grey Knight (Falchions) [84pts]: 4x Storm Bolter [8pts]. Grey Knight Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm bolter [2pts]
Strike Squad [7 PL, 105pts]: Gate of Infinity. 4x Grey Knight (Falchions) [84pts]: 4x Storm Bolter [8pts]. Grey Knight Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm bolter [2pts]
Strike Squad [7 PL, 105pts]: Gate of Infinity. 4x Grey Knight (Falchions) [84pts]: 4x Storm Bolter [8pts]. Grey Knight Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm bolter [2pts]

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium – Grey Knights) [97 PL, 1,366pts] ++

+ HQ [10 PL, 153pts] +
Grand Master Voldus [10 PL, 153pts]: Astral Aim, Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary

+ Elites [71 PL, 919pts] +
Paladin Ancient [7 PL, 109pts]: Astral Aim. Psycannon [11pts]: Psycannon (Terminator) [11pts]
Paladin Squad [32 PL, 307pts]: Gate of Infinity. 3x Paladin (Halberd) [147pts]: 3x Storm Bolter [6pts]. 2x Paladin (Warding Stave) [98pts]: 2x Storm Bolter [4pts]. Paragon [62pts]: Nemesis Daemon Hammer [13pts], Storm Bolter [2pts]
Paladin Squad [32 PL, 503pts]: Gate of Infinity. 7x Paladin (Halberd) [343pts]: 7x Storm Bolter [14pts]. 2x Paladin (Warding Stave) [98pts]: 2x Storm Bolter [4pts]. Paragon [62pts]: Nemesis Daemon Hammer [13pts], Storm Bolter [2pts]

+ Heavy Support [16 PL, 294pts] +
Land Raider Crusader [16 PL, 294pts]: Hunter-killer Missile [6pts], 2x Hurricane Bolter [20pts], Multi-melta [22pts], Storm Bolter [2pts], Twin Assault Cannon [44pts]
++ Total: [139 PL, 1,995pts] ++

Going forwards I won’t be bringing my land raider to larger events, but this is what I had so let’s get on to the games!

Game One

Game one I played against an Imperium player named Jean, and it wasn’t the first time he crushed my tournament dreams. He kicked my ass when I met him last year while playing Drukhari and I never forgave him, so this was really my chance for redemption, but it was a much harder matchup for my Grey Knights than it would have been for my Drukhari (kind of like all the other match-ups too…)

Anyway, he was playing a Castellan, a Blood Angels battalion with Mephiston, a Smash Captain, and 3 units of Scouts, and a guard Brigade with 3 Scout Sentinels, some cheap characters, 2 units of Mortar Teams and a Wyvern, and one of the assassins that makes it harder to get off psychic powers.

With the scouts and sentinels I knew I had to move up early before he screened out the entire table (assuming he didn’t manage it pregame), but with his deployment being what it was I also knew I wouldn’t be able to get a charge off on anything that mattered in the first turn, so even though I won the roll-off to go first I’d have to eat his charge when he got a turn.

I chose Kingslayer on the Castellan, Headhunter (because he had a LOT of characters) and Old School. He chose Gangbusters, Marked for Death on my Strikes and Landraider, and Old School.

Turn 1

Luckily for me Jean didn’t think to use his scout moves to screen me out of the boxes in center table, so I advanced Draigo up with my Paladins (who Voldus Gated) into the bottom floor of the ruin just right of center while leaving strikes on my objective on the left side of my deployment zone, and moved my land raider up into range to shoot a unit of guardsmen while also being in Melta Range of a scout sentinel.

I got off Hammerhand, Astral Aim, and Sanctuary on my paladins, and used them to kill a unit of guardsmen, screening his characters so I could at least try for a lucky 10″ charge, and the land Raider killed a scout sentinel with it’s Multimelta and missiles, before killing 9 guardsmen from beside the Castellan with it’s hurricane bolters and storm bolters. He did autopass morale for the lone guardsmen to try to deny me Kill More.

On his turn he shot and killed my Landraider with the Castellan, and killed 1 strike marine with his Wyvern and Mortars. He also charged my paladins with his Smash Captain, Mephiston, and assassin after failing to get off any of his buffs since he realized the assassin gave him -2 to his psychic powers as well as making psychic tests harder for me. He fought first with the smash captain, and I was ready for it with my warding staves. In my head I had prepared for this and I was going to lose 3-4 paladins MAYBE, but on my first 2 3++ saves I failed both, then command rerolled it into another failure, then failed 3 more 4++ saves and lost 5 paladins off the bat. I interrupted and killed Mephiston, then he fought with his assassin and fought again with the smash captain and ended up killing 9 of my Paladins total. I autopassed morale for the Paragon to get myself kill more, but the game basically ended there since I didn’t have any units with enough models to reliably kill guardsmen units with Astral Aim, and I didn’t have anything scary enough to plow across the table into his Castellan.

Turn 2

On turn 2 I brought my warlord and ancient down, and failed my charge with the brother captain, and charged the smash captain with Draigo to deal 5 wounds, of which he passed every save and fought back and dealt 3 wounds, of which I failed 2, leaving Draigo on one wound. My unit of 6 paladins did kill a unit of guardsmen, and I had a strike team drop onto another objective only to promptly be killed.

On his turn he killed Voldus, my Paragon, and the strike team, and he’d been holding more objectives than me all game, and was already running away with it, but he’d moved the castellan into mid-table to fight me.

Turn 3

I wasn’t in a position to actually get close enough to any of his squishy guard characters to score headhunter, so I just looked for the points I could get and charged my Brocap with Hammerhand into his Castellan and fought, died, and fought again to deal 15 wounds, which wasn’t quite enough to score max points for Kingslayer. I did manage to kill a unit of guardsmen as well so I did Kill and Hold, but he fought back and basically tabled me.

Turn 4

On turn 4 I only had a couple strike marines left on 1 objective, so he rolled over and killed them and scored the bonus, tabling me and scoring 4/round for the rest of the game.

I lost 38-13.

Post-Game Thoughts

This was really when I realized I shouldn’t have brought the land raider. There was nowhere I could hide it so I couldn’t keep him from just killing it outright in turn 1. I didn’t want to risk it exploding so I kept it more than 6″ away from the rest of my army and didn’t put anyone in it.

Other than that I really felt like I played it right with what I had. There was no way to stop a smash captain from getting a charge on me turn 1 whether I stood back or not, so moving up into a magic box to hide from the knight and save my more important units from that shooting was definitely the right move.

Dice went kind of crazy, and I lost all my Paladins in the big unit, which was heartbreaking, but nothing I could have accounted for. I don’t think it’s possible to play GK without taking at least some calculated risks, but with so few models the variance is really high so you can’t really rely on anything. If I was buying more Grey Knight models in the near future I’d probably build a lot more staff paladins and run 2 units of 10 paladins with 4 warding staves each instead of 2. They’re really important, but with only 2 it’s not really reliable.

Game Two

Game two I got placed against an Australian dude named Seb who was playing Mono-Faction Dark Angels. He was super friendly and the game was fun. We started 20 minutes late because the guys who played on our table before us just would not pack up our shit, and we agreed to just try to play quickly but it didn’t really work out that way so I brought out the chess clock after he spent 40~ minutes on his first turn and we split the difference of how much time was left.

He was playing a Hellblaster Blob with 2 units of 5 Hellblasters a unit of Intercessors, Azreal, and a Lieutenant, but also a Ravenwing Deathball with 2 units of 3 bikes, a Talonmaster, Sammael, a Darktalon and a Darkshroud. He also had 2 units of scouts to fill out the battalion and a predator for some reason, which did actually scare me a bit because of the 3 damage autocannons, but it wasn’t an issue. He also had one of the assassins to make psychic tests harder, but kept them back with Sammael to start instead of trying to get them in my face to make it harder for me to gate around.

I didn’t read his list well and saw the banner on Azreal’s back in his ball of Hellblasters and thought he had an ancient, so I was really hesistant to shoot them at all if they could see me until he pointed out that he didn’t have an ancient. Tournaments give you little enough time on the clock to begin with that when you start 20 minutes late it’s easy for you to miss things you wouldn’t if you weren’t rushing.

I took Headhunter, Big Game, and Old School because he said it was possible to score both Headhunter and Big game, and I generally like Old School. He took Old School, Marked for Death on my Strikes and Ancient, and Behind Enemy Lines.

Turn 1

So in this game I did actually put my unit of 6 paladins with Draigo and the Ancient in my Landraider, and deepstruck the unit of 10 paladins. I started with Voldus on my objective hidden behind some crates, surrounded with strike marines so he couldn’t just fly over and kill Voldus with the Darktalon.

I gated my Landraider up the table and put it’s bolters into a unit of scouts, and everything else into the predator. It whiffed pretty hard on the predator but killed the scouts through the wall of crates with Astral Aim, and my strike team surrounding Voldus killed the other unit of scouts.

On his turn 1 he killed my land raider, with his predator, Darktalon, and Hellblasters. The rest of the Ravenwing he advanced into mid-table to hold the venter objective so he got Kill More, but I got Hold More. When my Landraider died I disembarked from the top of it to get my paladins on top of the crates with Draigo hidden in the corner to give them rerolls.

Turn 2

On turn 2 my 6 Paladins charged his bikes (after a couple smites) and killed all 6, and my unit of 10 paladins dropped in with my warlord and Voldus gated across the table to join them and charged his Talonmaster, Darkshroud, and Sammael. They fought twice and killed the Talonmaster and Dark Shroud and left Sammael on 1 wound after killing 4 Hellblasters with Psybolt when they deepstruck in.

On his turn 2 he obviously fell back with Sammael, and fired all 6 hellblasters into my unit of 10 Paladins with Sanctuary, and still killed all of them. His Darktalon also picked off my Brother Captain so I lost my warlord. He also moved up his assassin but didn’t make the charge into my unit of 6 paladins.

I actually killed more and held more this turn.

Turn 3

Turn 3 my ancient advanced over and smited Sammael to death, and I dropped my last strike team to hide along the boxes to get line of sight into the assassin while getting Draigo’s rerolls without letting the Hellblasters see them. My paladins backed up as well to get away from the Hellblasters and also had LoS on the assassin, but ended up being unnecessary.

On his turn 3 he had to advance his Hellblasters up, and hovered the Darktalon to come sit on top of the crates to kill my Strike Team for his Marked for Death point. I still killed and held more.

Turn 4

On turn 4 I smited and charged his Darktalon to kill it, and popped out the paladins to kill the Lonely Hellblaster

On his turn 4 he actually finished off my paladins and my Ancient before running out of time on the chess clock.

Turn 5

On turn 5 I gated my strike team behind his lieutenant and charged it to kill it and take the bonus point. Draigo also charged and killed his Predator.

Turn 6

On turn 6 the strike team I had killed his lieutenant with charged and killed Azreal for Last Strike, line Breaker, and Slay the Warlord.

I won this game 35 – 13

Post-Game Thoughts

Seb was an awesome dude, but it was pretty obvious that he was really new and I ended up coaching him through most of the game. He didn’t know his rules very well so I tried to help him make good choices, but I still wasn’t willing to miss 4 turns because he was playing too slow. I should really stop giving people advice. I might have lost this game if we both got to 6 turns. It was starting to kind of fall apart for me, but I probably could have stopped giving him advice in the last round to win it anyway.

Game Three

Game three I was placed against an Ork Player named Chris. I’d never played against Orks before (since the codex release) except for the one game at the Basement Open where I got tabled in 1 turn by a really off-meta list, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but we got a really cool table and I had a lot of stormbolters, so I was pretty pumped.

He was running 90 boyz, 40 stormboyz, a Warboss on Warbike, a Big Mek on Warbike, 30 gretchin, 15 Lootas, a Weirdboy, another Big Mek, and a Big Mek with Shock Attack Gun and 6 Smasha Guns.

That’s a Lotta Models!

Looking at the table and his list I figured if I could stop him from shooting me too much I’d win it pretty handily. Storm bolters mow through chaff and he had a lot of attacks, but mostly at AP0 so 2+ saves can keep paladins alive for a long time.

Admittedly, I did roll obscenely hot on my 2+ saves in this game, but as it turns out he was also cheating by adding 3 to his deny rolls when I tried to cast psychic powers for having 30 boyz nearby (which I did ask about) and most of his boyz he had transferred onto 25mm bases, which really isn’t allowed since it lets you fight 3 in bricks 3 models deep. I think those kind of balance things out.

I took Reaper, Headhunter, and Old School in this game. Chris took Marked for Death on my Landraider and Strike Marines, Gangbusters, and Old School.

I did ask to use the chess clock in this game because he had so many models it would be crazy not to.

Turn 1

I deployed with my strikes in ruins to screen out boyz trying to Da Jump behind me, and left Voldus on my objective, and my paladins were in the ruin at the edge of my deployment zone (I deep struck 6 paladins, Draigo, my Brother Captain, and my Ancient.)

Voldus got Sanctuary off on my Paladins, as well as Astral Aim and Gate of Infinity to get them up in the ruin on top half way across the table sitting on the objective.

My land Raider moved up 10″ and killed 2 units of grots but failed to hit with the missile or Multimelta, and I used Psybolt Ammunition on my paladins to shoot into his Lootas (which I believe to be terrifying) but I forgot about grot shields, so I ended up killing 10 grots and 10 Lootas, which was enough to dissuade him from ever firing them twice or More Dakka-ing them.

On his turn 1 he used a strategem to move his warboss on bike (who was his warlord) twice and charge into Voldus while also charging my Paladins with all 40 storm boyz, which I think was actually a pretty big mistake because he had 2 combats that he cared about but could only fight first in 1 of them.

He fought first with his Warlord and killed Voldus, so I spent 1 CP to fight as Voldus and killed his Warboss on a bike, then spent 2 more CP to interrupt combat and killed the 20 storm boyz that he didn’t have in range of the Kustom Force Field and killed all of them. He swung with his power claw on the storm boys first but my warding staff ate it, and then the rest of of the boyz fought and did 2 wounds to a paladin.

We ended up holding the same because Voldus had been the only one holding my objective in my deployment zone, but I killed more than he did.

Turn 2

On Turn 2 I deep struck my unit of 6 paladins with Draigo, my Ancient, and the Brother Captain beside the Land Raider on the bottom objective, and advanced a strike team on to my deployment zone objective.

I gated my paladins backwards to 9″ away from the storm boyz so they didn’t count as falling back out of combat, then smited his Big Mek on Warbike with my Ancient dealing 6 Mortal wounds and killing it outright before shooting into the Storm Boyz who now didn’t have a 5++ save, killing all 20 again.

My land raider and 6 paladins fired into his boyz and killed 10 grots and probably around 10-15 boyz.

On his turn 2 he fired all his smasha guns into my Land Raider as well as Double Shooting his Shock Attack Gun with More Dakka, but rolled really poorly and brought it down to 2 wounds. That meant it’d only hit on 5s, but with Draigo around for rerolls that’s not even that horrible.

I killed more and Held More while also racking up my secondaries.

Turn 3

On my turn 3 I gated my Paladins with Astral Aim back into the ruin they had gated into on turn 1 and finished off the Lootas, and moved my paladins up to charge up to the top floor of the center ruin in my opponent’s deployment zone to kill his Big Mek with Shock Attack Gun, which they succeeded at. I did forget to deepstrike my third strike team and lost them, giving him a point for Marked For Death. I guess I got over excited.

On his turn he actually advanced all his boyz up onto objectives, and charged my unit of 10 paladins to get on the top and my landraider to get on the bottom. He didn’t kill anything other than a couple paladins in close combat and a few paladins from the unit of 6 with a massive smite, but he did hold more because he was obsec.

He did keep shooting the Smasha guns into the Land Raider but couldn’t pop it.

Turn 4

On turn 4 I had Draigo and my Brother Captain charge and kill 2 of his Mek Guns, and my Land Raider finished off the unit of Boyz on the bottom. My Paladins fought his boys and killed them. I tried to charge his Weirdboy from the top of the ruin with my Paragon (who was down to 1 wound) and died to overwatch, which was both hilarious and horribly disappointing after how hot I was rolling on those 2+ saves.

On his turn he Da Jumped 30 more Boyz over to try to take the top objective and finish off my paladins but failed the charge.

Turn 5

On turn 5 I gated one of my strike teams up the table to add fire to take out the new unit of 30 boyz who were threatening the now drastically reduced unit of Paladins, and moved the paladins up to charge so I’d get to fight first. I did fight first, and killed a fair number, but I failed with the strikes so I lost some Paladins on the return attack.

Draigo and my Brother Captain killed another Mek Gun.

On his turn 5 he moved his Weirdboy up to smite my paladins and did 6 MW again to finish off the unit, and the boyz made the charge into my Strike team to kill them.

He actually killed more in turn 5.

Turn 6

On turn 6 I tried to advance my ancient up to smite his Weirdboy to death, but he denied it by adding 3 to the deny roll for being near 30 boyz, and Draigo failed the charge to get into combat with the Weirdboy.

On his turn 6 he killed my Ancient and Da Jumped his Weirdboy into my deployment zone for Line Breaker and Last Strike.

I ended up winning this game 26-22.

Post-Game Thoughts

I wasn’t actually sure if this player had his rules wrong until the next day when I played another Ork player who explained how the rules actually worked and showed me the wording. I really need to be more of an asshole and ask people to show me the wording on things if they sound wrong instead of just taking them at their word. It bit me in the ass a couple times this weekend.

Overall though I think Orks is a pretty good matchup for Grey Knights as long as there’s actually some terrain. Weight of dice WILL kill us but we have enough shots to chew through all the bodies as long as we can kind of hide and protect ourselves while the big threats are on the table.

Game Four

Ah, Game four. I played this game against a dude named Ben, who oddly enough I’ve played against in round 4 of tournaments twice before, and had beat him both times, but that was in another life when I was a Drukhari player and he was an Eldar Player, and an Imperial Guard player.

Now I play Grey Knights (Obviously) and he plays Imperium Soup with 3 Crusaders, a Guard Battalion with 2 Wyverns, and an Admech Battalion to deny psychic powers.

Overall this is a good matchup for me, and Ben was worried about the table because of the one massive magic box in the middle, but it was a mission where you place your own objectives and score bonus points for holding the ones you placed. He was able to place his outside of 24″ from the magic box, which meant it was impossible for me to stop him from scoring the bonus points every round without coming out of the box on the right side and letting the knights have their way with shooting me. Still, I was pretty confident going in.

I took Kingslayer on one of the knights, Titanslayer, and Headhunter. He took Marked for Death on my Strike Teams and Paladin Ancient, Gangbusters, and Kingslayer on my Brother Captain.

This is one of those games where the Landraider was just a throw away, we had pointed deployment zones so I started with just about everything on the table crammed in on my objective ready to rush into the magic box.

Turn 1

Ben’s deployment was mildly sketchy, with both his admech characters behind just 2 units of 5 rangers with the Knights then behind them. I thought if I could kill the rangers with my Landraider I’d be able to kill both characters with my Paladins (who I casted Astral Aim on from Voldus who I left behind the ruin outside of 24″ from his admech). It didn’t work out though. I put the storm bolter and hurricane bolters into one unit, and the assault cannon into the other with Draigo nearby for rerolls and killed all of the rangers but 1, so my paladins had to split their fire between that 1 ranger and a unit of guardsmen, which they reduced to 1 model before Ben Autopassed them.

On Ben’s turn he killed my landraider and moved up to charge my unit of 6 Paladins through the wall with his Knight, but only killed 2. We held the same, but I killed more.

Turn 2

On turn 2 I left my 4 paladins from the unit of 6 in combat with the Knight so I could bring my 10 Paladins outside the building to get a good charge with my deepstriking Ancient and Brother Captain. Voldus again got off Sanctuary and Draigo gave them Hammerhand, but it was the knight with a 5+ invuln in close combat and he rotated ion shields so it took me fighting twice to kill the Crusader, which is fine. When he fought back he killed 1 Paladin with a warding staff. When the Knight died though he made it explode on a 4+ and did 6 wounds to Draigo, leaving him at 1 for the rest of the game.

That left me exposed on the left side of the ruin, but it was a calculated risk. All of his knights had AP-2 shooting and had all my paladins placed in cover with 3+ saves. With average rolls I’d only have lost a couple paladins and been in a good place to send the big paladin unit out against other knights.

He moved his Knight from the top left towards me to charge my paladins, but shot me first and I failed something like 80% of my 3+ saves and he rolled 3 more often than not on his D3 damage cannon and killed 9 of my paladins, which was again just dice going crazy with high variance from a low model count army screwing me over really early in the game, but I could still have played it out. I autopassed morale to deny him a kill and secure myself kill more. After Move! Move! Move!-ing his guardsmen along the board edge outside 24″ of the box in the center he reached his objective in my deployment zone leaving me with nothing to do about it.

Turn 3

On turn 3 I moved Draigo, my Brother Captain, and my Paladins out of the building to go for broke, and made the charge into his Crusader on the left with all of them except my lone Paragon, and proceeded to kill the Crusader.

I had a unit of strike teams jump out of the ruin to kill 1 of his Tech Priests with storm bolters, but failed the 4″ charge into the other.

On his turn he killed both my units of Paladins in shooting with his knight and charged into my strikes to stomp them to death. He scored kill more, hold more, and the bonus.

Turn 4

On turn 4 Draigo moved towards the last castellan standing right at the top of the box, and a strike team gated my Brother captain into the box to get 9″ away. My brother Captain made the charge through the ruin, and gave Draigo the rerolls to make the charge into the Knight as well. They both fought and killed the Knight with +1 attack from the ancient in my box.

On his turn 4 he moved onto the objective I was holding with my characters with his character and killed Draigo.

Turn 5

On turn 5 I had a fired and killed the last guardsmen that he autopassed morale with in the first round, and had a strike team shoot a unit of rangers and left them at 1.

He failed to get a kill but got one of his unit of guardsmen from the objective in my deployment zone onto my objective on the close side of the ruin to contest it from my strikes so he held more.

Turn 6

On turn 6 I finished off the last ranger and gated a lone strike marine off the objective that was being contested by guardsmen to get it out of range of his wyverns and deny him Marked For Death or a Kill.

Somewhere in here he killed my Warlord, since I have that he scored max points for Headhunter, but I’m not sure where it was as my notes for game 4 from the first day are imperfect.

I ended up losing 27-29.

Post-Game Thoughts

Really I do still think this is a good match-up for me even though it was a bad table for me on this particular mission. I think I would have won if dice didn’t go crazy and kill my whole unit of paladins in turn 2 when they were sitting comfy with 3+ saves in cover. Statistically that just shouldn’t happen.

Also the Landraider wasn’t really great for me. It gave Ben something to kill in round 1 that I couldn’t hide and it didn’t do much that my Astral Aimed paladins couldn’t have done for themselves since it failed to finish off the rangers to give the Paladins a shot on characters.

On top of the Landraider not doing much having a second unit of 10 paladins is AMAZING and I’m missing it. I’ve never played with an understrength paladin unit before, it’s always been 1 unit of 10 or 2 units of 10, and with 2 if I make a play with some risk and it goes bad I still have a unit big enough to keep me in the game. The unit of 6 just isn’t threatening enough on its own to do that.

Game Five

I was actually really excited about Game Five, as it was my first time playing against Chris Hanes, team captain for Canhammer. He was playing Orks with 120 boys, 52 gretchin, a bunch of characters, 7 Smasha guns, a Suped up Mega-Shocka Mek, a Regular Super Shocka Mek, and 15 Lootas.

Unfortunately, we got the worst table I played on all tournament for this game.

With nowhere to hide I knew it was really important that I keep my characters safe from him Green Tiding a unit across the table, and from him just Da Jumping them across the table. I also knew I had to kill a LOT of models really fast or I’d be drowned in dice.

I chose Reaper, Headhunter, and Old School. He chose Recon, Headhunter, and Gangbusters.

Turn 1

I deployed to be within 24″ of the front boy units with my strike team, and used 2 to screen out Da Jump in my back field, and put my paladins up front where they could move into range to shoot the Grots in front of the Lootas, and moved my Landraider up to get the Lootas in Rapidfire Range with Draigo in between the 2 units. My unit of 6 paladins was further back in range to get within 24″ of his unit of boyz in the front.

I split the fire of my paladins 3 ways and killed 2 units of 11 Gretchin, and a unit of 10 that were screening for the Lootas, then used Psybolt Ammo to unload into the Lootas and guarantee they died since I couldn’t possibly hide from them.

I did get Sanctuary off on my unit of 10 Paladins, but it wasn’t enough.

On his turn he shot me with the Supa Shocka and the Suped Up Mega Shocka, as well as all 7 Smashaguns and I failed a LOT of 4++ saves and lost my whole unit of 10 paladins, then to add insult to injury he shot again with the Suped Up Mega Shocka and rolled Strength 11 and 10 shots, and proceeded to do 14 mortal wounds to my unit of 6 paladins, and killing them with the rest of the damage.

He killed my Landraider by charging it with his warboss.

I technically got kill more but I was basically screwed.

Turn 2

Turn 2 I gated a strike team across the table onto an objective within 12″ of a unit of boyz to try to score my Reaper. My characters all shot into boyz to whittle units down, and my brocap deepstruck in to give Draigo a charge reroll. There was a unit of boyz in the way of Draigo charging the Warboss and I couldn’t charge around without coming within 1″, so I declared on the boyz, the Warboss, and the Banner Boy, then just ran around the boyz into the Characters and killed both for Headhunter points.

He responded by Green Tiding a unit of boyz across the table to charge my Strikes who I had just gated, and Da Jumping another unit to charge the strike team I’d left to defend my objective. His shooting killed Draigo and my Strike Team, and Voldus he smited to death. My brother captain he tried to smite and brought down to 1 wound with 3 Weird Boyz hiding behind a significantly reduced boy squad.

I literally only had my Warlord Left with 1 wound against 100~ boyz, 2 Shock Attack Guns, and 7 Smasha Guns. We stopped to add up how many models I’d actually slain and I had Reaper Maxed out, which left Last Strike and Line Breaker from Old School, and 2 Headhunter.

Turn 3

If I was gonna get tabled I was going to go down swinging. I fired my Brother Captains Psycannon into the boy unit blocking the Weirdboyz, then charged through a gap from where he removed a model into the weird boyz, declaring against the boyz but not ending within 1″ of them, and I fought, killed 1, and brought 1 down to 1 wound. He fought back but couldn’t do the 1 wound to finish me, so I spent 3 CP to fight again and split my attacks and killed both Weirdboyz.

He then obviously tabled me, but I managed to score Line Breaker, Last Strike, Kill, Kill More, and both my remaining Headhunter Points so I felt pretty good about my performance with turn 1 considered.

Post-Game Thoughts

I would really like to play Chris Hanes again, but on a table with ruins. This game was SUPER one-sided but I’m not sure there’s actually anything I could have done that would have resulted in a different outcome.

Game Six

My final game of the tournament was against a dude named John who was playing another Imperium army with 2 Crusaders, a Gallant, Draigo, Voldus, a Brother Captain, and a guard battalion.

The table definitely heavily favoured me.

The table had 2 massive magic boxes in the middle, and he suggested we just run everything as ruins (not sure why) but it made it easy to hide basically anywhere.

When we were choosing secondaries he told me only his crusaders were characters, so I chose one of them for Kingslayer (would have obviously preferred the gallant because it has to actually come to me to do anything). I also took Titanslayer and Headhunter.

He took Gangbusters, Ground Control, and Kingslayer on my Warlord.

This was another game where the Land Raider was basically just going to be a Liability. I’m never bringing it again.

Turn 1

John deployed first, so he got to go first, so I started with 10 paladins in the big ruin with Draigo, Voldus, and my Ancient in my Land Raider with 10 Strike Marines and 1 strike squad in reserves with my unit of 6 paladins and my brother captain. The Landraider I hid behind the giant box so he wouldn’t be able to see it.

He moved forwards but couldn’t get line of sight on anything, so just moved his Gallant onto the center objective and the Crusader I didn’t choose onto the top objective.

On my turn I gated my Landraider behind his lines and tried to assassinate a character, but didn’t want to over commit and ended up leaving a company commander on 1 wound and killing something like 6 guardsmen out of a unit. Sacrificing a 250+ point landraider to kill a character who costs under 100 feels like a waste, but I guess I need to just overcommit all the time now to make sure things actually happen.

I also moved my Paladins up, kept Voldus back out of deny Range to Sanctuary and Astral Aim them, and moved Voldus onto my friendly objective and the strike teams from the land raider into ruins on either side of voldus to deny gate attempts from the enemy GK characters. Draigo and the Ancient got out of the Landraider and advanced into the building behind the paladins who charged the Gallant on the objective after getting Hammerhand and shooting a unit of guardsmen down to 1 man (I couldn’t get all of them in range).

I placed the paladins along the bottom side of the knight so after killing it they’d be able to pile in up and to the left, ending closer to the crusader but inside the ruin so they couldn’t be shot.

He had an invuln in close combat and used Rotate Ion Shields so it took fighting twice to kill the Knight, and after it did I called him on the Gallant being a character because of the relic. He thought only warlord traits made them characters but we looked it up and I was right, and he offered to let me go back and take Kingslayer on the Gallant but I felt weird about taking 4 points for killing something as a result of a move he wouldn’t have made otherwise, especially since after eating 15 stomps on a single warding staff paladin I’d only lost 2 wounds. It just felt like kicking someone while they were down, so I turned it down, which was a huge mistake.

I should have taken the points. It was his error anyway, but I thought I was going to win either way so I wasn’t too worried about it. I’ll never be that nice again. Totally bit me in the ass.

Turn 2

On his turn 2 he shot and killed my Landraider.

On my turn 2 I moved my paladins out of the box to charge his crusader on top.

I deepstruck my Brothercaptain behind them for the rerolled charge even though they only really needed 6″, and got Draigo and my Ancient out to buff them up (Draigo would have needed a massive charge to actually participate).

I also dropped a strike team on the bottom objective and dropped my unit of 6 paladins in a ruins in his back corner and used them to finish off the guardsmen the landraider had started.

The paladins made their charge and should have easily downed the knight fighting twice but they whiffed the wound rolls and only brought it down to 2 wounds.

I held more and we killed the same, but I was out in the open with 2 crusaders around when there should have only been one.

Turn 3

His crusader fell back out of combat with me and fired into the Paladins, followed by the other crusader doing the same. They killed 8 paladins, and I couldn’t afford to autopass them and rerolled a 6 into another 6 for them to run away. He charged my Ancient (who had to be outside the ruin to buff the paladins against the Knight, and killed him, but I heroically intervened with my Brother Captain and finished the Crusader off.

He also charged my unit of 6 paladins with Draigo and the Brocap and made it with both, but only actually killed 2 and the 2 paladins with halberds and 1 with a hammer somehow didn’t kill the Brother Captain when they swung back.

On my turn 3 I knew I held more so I just gated the paladins out and gave them Astral Aim to kill some guardsmen, and Brother Captain charged and killed a company commander on the top objective, giving me 3 kills to his 2 so I Killed and Held More even though he’d just swung the game massively in his favor by somehow not dying to 9 Paladins fighting twice.

Turn 4

On turn 4 my opponent didn’t kill anything, but he did gate Draigo up to try to charge my strike team on the bottom objective and failed.

My strike team backed up 6″ staying on the objective to make sure Draigo would need a 10″ charge in the next turn and my Draigo backed up on to the center objective to give me the bonus point.

Turn 5

On my opponent’s turn 5 he advanced Draigo onto the bottom objective to score the bonus even though my strikes were holding it, and Gated Voldus to the top to try to charge my Brother Captain but failed. He also moved his last Crusader onto the objective to hold it for the bonus point.

I advanced my strike team backwards away from Draigo, and backed up my Brother Captain 4″ to stay on the objective but get as far away from Voldus as possible. If I had 1 CP to fight when I died I’d have tried to charge the crusader but without fighting twice there’s no way I’d score more than 2 points for Kingslayer and I’d be giving up 4 for Kingslayer against me. I just had to hope he failed the 8″ charge.

Turn 6

My opponent made his 8″ charge with Voldus and killed my Brother Captain.

I moved my strike team that had been running away from Draigo out to charge Draigo to get back on the objective and failed the 7″ charge to deny Ground Control. I also gated a Strike team back behind his lines and finished off his company commander but failed the 9″ charge to kill the brother captain and deny another Ground control point.

We ended up tying 24-24.

Post-Game Thoughts

I was actually really upset about losing a game basically because a dude didn’t know his rules and I was too nice to really punish him for it. I need to be a bit more ruthless about catching people misplaying their armies and play games properly. It wasn’t just that though. I failed spectacularly in several game-changing plays. Not killing the crusader in turn 2 was HUGE, and failing both my charges in turn 6 really sucked. Literally any one of those things going my way would have won me the game, or just having chosen the Gallant for Kingslayer…

I do think I make a bad habit of choosing Kingslayer and Titanslayer against Knights though. Things went a little bad and suddenly I couldn’t threaten the knight I needed anymore, and I could have just chosen Old School. I knew I’d get a kill in the first round if I put everything into a guard squad, and I can always gate across the table for line breaker. It’s at least 2 guaranteed points whereas Kingslayer this time got me zero.

Closing Thoughts

TGX was awesome, and if you get the chance to go next year you should take it. I went 2-3-1, which wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, but things happen and I still had a great time.

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’ll be back next week with another tournament report from Capital Clash in Ottawa.


Freddie Lovebeard

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